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read before & after booking - and then another time, too


30% is required to book your date (check the faq for available payment methods). NC/NS will result in loss of deposit & require full payment if you want to book a future date.

Rates Are Non-Negotiable

Attempting to negotiate is rude; haggling is only acceptable if I initiate the conversation.

Time Considerations

Dates lasting three point five hours or more should include a social component (i.e. a movie, dinner, etc.) Meals/Snacks are to be provided at least every five hours or I'll get hangry (we don't want that) And, btw, I'm not a doll or robot and will NOT behave like one. I require basic respect, deference to my boundaries, & adequate personal time.
>>Also, btw, just due to who I am as a person; I will likely be late. I'm sorry.

Competitive Rates

Fees vary city to city and is dependent the respective market; as well as the economy, demand and personal finance. This does not reflect the quality of service provided. I'm always a gold star gal..


No refunds will be issued ever at all for any reason.

Fly Me To You

Four Hours minimum is required for booking. You must prepay 30% + 2 nights accommodations + round trip airfare + $250 travel stipend. 


12 hours of notice is required for your deposit to transfer. Transferring is allowed once only.

More is More

The longer the booking; the better! I don't like to be rushed, so let's take our time and enjoy each others' company!

Remitting Payment

When relinquishing your funds to me; do so in a discreet manner. When meeting at your room- have it waiting in the bathroom. When meeting at my room- excuse yourself to the restroom after introduction and leave it by the sink. When meeting in public- place it in a card or gift bag. Electronic transfers- no festivities will take place until funds are actually in my account. ALL payments should be transferred within 5 minutes of our first interaction.


OML *facepalm* I 1000% understand your need for discretion; so please take in account that I have the same need!! ACT LIKE WE KNOW EACH OTHER! Don't loudly introduce yourself "Hi, I'm so&so, nice to meet you!" in my hotel room (in case of nosey neighbors and thin walls; if you're in my hotel room- I should probably know who you are already, right?) DO NOT speak about money or sex in public settings. TACT!! When in doubt, ask yourself "Would I do/say this on a regular date?" Do NOT reference my "website" or any advertisement sites while speaking in public. Generally just ignore the fact that I'm an escort at all. 


If you turn up smellin' of the sewers, I WILL tell you and I WILL require you to shower and will supervise if I must! Please don't make me ask a grown man to bathe. You are more than welcome & encouraged to take the initiative and help yourself to any of my spa-grade bath amenities; I also keep extra toothbrushes, mouthwash, wipes, deodorant, etc on hand always! 


I suppose they're a necessary evil. SO, If you enjoyed our time; please leave a VAGUE 5 STARS! If not, I ask that you please address with me, first, before writing up a flippant and/or rude divulgation.

Yes, they're required

The top three things on this list being:
  1. screening
  2. deposit
  3. condoms
this list is obviously not all inclusive ​
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