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equal parts informative & entertaining

Q: Do you accept multi-intercourse at on rdv?
Case by case but don’t count on it
Q: Do you do car meets?
That is sketch af
Q: Do you enjoy party bookings?
Seems dangerous
Q: Are you bisexual?
Q: Are you real
Lmao is anyone?
Q: Do you lower prices?
I’ll raise em if u ask
Q: Do you charge for extras?
That’s why they’re called extras
Q: Can I make a booking without paying a deposit?
Q: Do you do Anal?
Hell NO
Q:Do I need to bring my own protection or will you provide them ?
I got it
Q: Are your photos recent and genuine ?
I wouldn’t tell you if they weren’t
Q; Do you provide refreshments ?
Q; Can I request that you wear something specific ?
If you’re buying it
Q: Can I call you at short notice ?
I mean, I guess
Q: Are you working for someone else/are you an agency girl?
Lmaoo I could never
Q: Do you have rules?
Well duh
Q: Are you shaved?
When I feel like it
Q: Can I shower at your place?
Q: Do I pay you before or afterwards ?
BEFORE (don't make me ask, either. totes awkward.)
Q: Can I film/take photos of you?
Anything for a price
Q: Do you provide a travel companion service ?
Q: Do you do a dinner and evening appointment ?
I prefer them

Q: When you visit a client, what kind of environment do you expect a client to provide?
Peaceful & CLEAN & safe ofc
Q: Do you have any particular requirements regarding hygiene? What are the guidelines that your client should follow?
Uh you’re grown. Google it.
Q: What payment options are available? How would you prefer the client to pay?
Venmo is preferred
Q: How would you prefer the money to be given?
Q: If a client decided to make you a present, what would you be happy to receive? What is your wish-list (maybe flowers, lingerie, perfume, music albums, books etc.)?
Just give me the money. Or something thoughtful yet utilitarian. 
Q: Do you travel? If so, what does that involve on the client's part?
Yes $$
Q: Do you allow kisses?
Q: How do you handle a situation where a client may want to get "wild and crazy"?
Pepper Spray
Q: Do you allow the clients to take photos or video? If yes, on what terms?
Yes extra $$
Q: How do you handle first-timers or those who have limited experience with escort services? What are your suggestions to such clients to make your encounter the most enjoyable?
Yes! Just relax! i'm just a regular degular woman
Q: Have you ever had experiences with disabled clients? How do you meet their special needs?
Limited but open to learn your needs
Q: What is your attitude towards tobacco, alcohol and drugs? Do you drink or smoke yourself? Do you allow the client to do it during your meeting?
Q: What don't you like about being an escort?
Jet Lag
Q: What are your hobbies and passions, things you love to do and discuss? Music genres, movies, reading preferences etc.? What other talents do you have?
Anything generally bad for me
Q: Will you meet on a regular basis
Q: Will you accept at one rendezvous multi-sex intercourse?
Prob not
Q: Enjoy your life with the company you have, do you ever miss the one friend who made a difference?
Well of course
Q: Are your rates negotiable?
Q: Can I see you at 2 am?
Q: What is your favourite music?
It’s varies but it hasn’t changed in the last 15 years
Q: Can you do some anal play on me?
Why not
Q: Will you see me I am black / overweight / disabled / much older / not interested in intercourse / listen to Justin Bieber...?
I draw the line at Justin Bieber
Q: What is your favourite London Hotel?
The Tipton (ha)
Q: What's the best gift I could give you right now
$1 million dollars or My sanity back; I feel like the former is probably easier to procure
Q: What's the worst thing about being an escort ?
my coworkers a dick ( if you don’t think that’s the funniest shit ever you might as well just stop looking now because that’s pique comedy)
Q: What's the funniest thing that's happened to you while escorting ?
I’ll tell ya later
Q: What advice would you give someone wanting to become an escort ?
Your dignity isn’t for sale
Q: What's the thing that clients do that annoys you the most ?
I from time to time will encounter . NO! You bought my time, not my autonomy. I can & will say no if you treat me terribly. 
Q: Do you enjoy being an escort ?
Heck yea
Q: What do look for in a prospective client ?
a heartbeat & manners
Q: Tell me about your best or most memorable escorting experience ?
(read to the tune of The Fresh Prince of Bel-air Theme) Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned....
Q: Do you accept gifts from clients? What sort of gifts do you like ?
All the Gifts
Q: What excites you about where you live?
Well depends on the day...
Q: What do you find irritating in a new client ?
lack of due diligence
Q: Can I book a massage and dinner date together
Q: What is the most sensitive part of your body?
My patience
Q: What sort of men turn you on?
generous and polite (and sleeve tattoos really don't hurt nothin)
Q: How do you rate yourself compared to other escorts??
10/10 I am definitely an escort 
Q: What's the best time to book you?

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