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What forms of payment do you accept?
Are your photos real?
Whom will you see gender wise?
Are they.. uh..?
Will you be exclusive with me?
Do you do GFE?
Will you accept my P411 or PD screen instead?
How many tattoos do you have?
What's your sign?
When will you come to my city? or Where is your next tour?
Do you have a wishlist?
Will you see couples?
Is there a certain etiquette that I should adhere to?
  • SPANKPAY: @blairnikolefox


  • VENMO: @blairnikolefox

  • COINBASE: @blairnikolefox

  • VANILLA VISA E-GIFT CARDS: purchase here & send to

  • ZELLE: (573)818-4467

  • CRYPTOCURRENCY: ask for my wallet address

  • CASH: after 30% is submitted electronically or sent via courier; the other 70% can be given in cash upon meeting


Okay, so no offense, but this question is dumb af.
If I was out here using fake pics A) I wouldn't admit it and B) I'd of been called out by now. They are slightly filtered & I removed all identifying marks. 

Everyone! Do keep in mind, though, that I have only ever seen cis men professionally so I can't speak for the quality of the experience you might receive but you're welcome to be my guinea pig!

No, they're not real. My tits are not real.
But, this personality is though! lol

Unlikely but... if so packages start at $25k per month and go up from there!

GFE is ALL that I do. But, you can ask any given person what that means and they've got their own answer. SO my definition: A sensual and intimate experience. Genuine connection found via common passions & beliefs. It's a truly relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Now, does that mean you can skip the c*nd*m? Fuck no.

Uh. No. Look, those are advertising boards. They aren't liable if you end up being deranged. So, JUST in case, I need IRL info. I can't press charges on "waffles6969" for raping or attacking me.

I dunno, it depends on how you count them but like 15-20 or so.

Feel free to fill me in on what that means.

Well, I do have quite the wanderlusting soul; travel is expensive! Help a gal out with a sponsorship; and I'll be there as quickly as I can!  If you cannot leave it to chance and know you must meet me; then Fly Me To You and you'll have my FULL attention

YES! There is a heavier vetting process due to the increased risks.
Add +$400 per hour, as well.
**I have very limited experience with couples as well so, book with this in mind!

I'm pretty easy-going so don't worry about embarrassing yourself or anything; I totally get it! That being said there are a few guidelines you should try to stick to;

  • The screening and deposit it required and rates are nonnegotiable. Period. 

  • If you'd like a provider reference in the future, a $200 visa gift or venmo transfer is standard but more is appreciated!

  • When relinquishing your funds to me; do so in a discreet manner. When meeting at your room- have it waiting in the bathroom. When meeting at my room- excuse yourself to the restroom after introduction and leave it by the sink. When meeting in public- place it in a card. When submitting electronically- send over within 15 mins of our first interaction.

  • HYGIENE!!!!! If you turn up smellin' of the sewers, I WILL tell you and I WILL require you to shower and will supervise if I must! Please don't make me ask a grown man to bathe. You are more than welcome & encouraged to take the initiative and help yourself to any of my spa-grade bath amenities; I also keep extra toothbrushes, mouthwash, wipes, deodorant, etc in stock.

  • REVIEWS- Look, I'll be honest; I hate them. I find them to be quite dehumanizing. BUT, they are a necessary evil. If you enjoyed our time; please leave a VAGUE & discreet 5 STARS! If not, I ask that you please address with me, first, before writing up a distasteful article.

Image by Greg Willson

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